4 Superhero TV Shows You Can’t Miss!

Superman and Lois: One of the most profound superhero adaptations to date, Superman and Lois shows why the man of steel is the most iconic and relatable hero of all time. The show chronicles the lives of Clark Kent and Lois Lane as they try to raise two teenage boys, one of whom has his father’s powers. With incredibly grounded and nuanced character development as well as stunning action set-pieces, the show manages to balance real themes like mental health and family with thrilling superhero action, unlike any other comic book adaptation to date.

Daredevil: Daredevil features the adventures of blind lawyer Matt Murdock, as he uses his abilities to help people both as a vigilante and as an attorney. The show redefined how superhero storytelling can work on the small screen, with unparalleled character work amidst a captivating storyline. Amidst most MCU adaptations with big CGI battles, Daredevil took a grounded approach, which resulted in some of the best fight scenes in television history. For fans of superheroes, Daredevil is a must-watch.

Doom Patrol: Based on one of the most underrated and unusual superhero teams, DC’s Doom Patrol is a unique show unlike any other. Doom Patrol makes perfect use of the concept of “misfit heroes”, and is a show that takes these characters to often outlandish storylines while somehow maintaining a heart and ingenuity that makes the heroes likable and relatable. If you are looking for a heartwarming and unique superhero team show, Doom Patrol is for you.

Legion: Legion is one of the most groundbreaking superhero shows in terms of its visual presentation and storytelling format. The show features a unique take on the X-Men universe, with the titular hero being a mutant named David Haller whose powers are linked to his schizophrenia. The show utilizes the “unreliable narrator” troupe in an incredibly creative way, as David’s illness alters scenes and events around him. For people looking for something truly different in the realm of superheroes, this might be up your alley.

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