My Dress-Up Darling: Review


Wakana Gojō, a doll-artisan enthusiast, navigating the labyrinth of high school as a self-proclaimed loner. His solace? The comforting embrace of the home ec room. Why? Well, let’s rewind to a childhood incident that left Wakana with emotional stitches – a friend who just couldn’t understand the charm of traditional dolls.

Fast forward to high school, where Wakana exists in the shadowy realm of solitude, finding solace in the gentle hum of his sewing machine. For him, people like the effortlessly popular Marin Kitagawa might as well be extraterrestrial beings. Marin, the trendsetter surrounded by a celestial entourage of friends, is practically from another planet in Wakana’s eyes.

But hold on to your sewing needles, because Marin isn’t your average social butterfly. One day, her keen eyes spot Wakana in the home ec room, stitching away like a silent sorcerer. And what does Marin do? She doesn’t tiptoe around the issue; no, she boldly barges in, determined to unravel the mystery of Wakana’s secret hobby.

Cheerful Marin, never one to be shy, decides to turn Wakana’s quiet world upside down by revealing her own clandestine passion – cosplay. Picture it: the quiet loner and the vivacious trendsetter teaming up for a creative escapade into the colorful realm of costume play. Can you say unexpected dynamic duo?

As Wakana reluctantly gets drawn into Marin’s world, the high school halls become a stage for their unique friendship. Through the stitches of fabric and the whirlwind of high school drama, Wakana and Marin discover that, beneath the surface, they might not be as different as they thought.

So, get ready for a heartwarming tale of unlikely friendships, artistic passions, and the vibrant tapestry of high school life. Will Wakana’s world of traditional dolls collide harmoniously with Marin’s cosmos of cosplay?


“My Dress Up-Darling,” where romance meets craftsmanship in unexpected ways. Upon revisiting this anime gem through the “My Dress Up-Darling: The Complete Season Limited Edition,” the magic only intensifies. This edition packs all 12 episodes of the first season, complete with bonus features on Blu-ray and DVD. But the real treat? A delightful assortment of goodies, including art cards, a cosplay planner/calendar, a sticker sheet, and a 104-page art book. Let’s dive into the series and explore the treasures this limited edition set has to offer.

At the heart of a good romcom lies the depth of its characters, and “My Dress-Up Darling” excels in crafting three-dimensional protagonists who extend beyond mere affection for each other. The story revolves around Wakana Gojo and Marin Kitagawa, two high school first-years seemingly existing in different realms. Gojo, with a passion for crafting Hina dolls passed down from his grandfather, hides this hobby due to societal norms. On the flip side, Marin is a vocal otaku with a penchant for ero-games, a stark contrast to her trendy appearance.

The brilliance of the series lies in how these two worlds collide. When Marin stumbles upon Gojo sewing Hina doll clothes, their lives intertwine in unexpected ways. Their journey begins with vulnerability – Gojo revealing his hidden passion and Marin, embarrassed by her cosplay crafting skills, seeking assistance. This vulnerability becomes the foundation of their blossoming relationship, as they fit together like odd puzzle pieces.

As Marin and Gojo delve into the world of cosplay, their shared passion propels them closer. The series beautifully portrays their growth as individuals and as a duo. Marin introduces Gojo to her favorite anime, manga, and games, while Gojo learns the intricate art of cosplay crafting. Their friendship evolves organically, with a genuine connection formed before romantic feelings surface.

What sets “My Dress-Up Darling” apart is its focus on friendship before romance. Marin and Gojo become partners in Marin’s cosplay endeavors, creating a foundation before delving into deeper emotions. The series masterfully captures the essence of teen romance, complete with hormonal awkwardness and endearing moments.

Yes, there are ecchi scenes, but what makes them unique is the series’ ability to find humor, relatability, and warmth in the exploration of teenage attraction. Scenes like the cosplay photoshoot in a love hotel transcend typical fanservice, portraying the genuine intimacy and awkwardness of two teens navigating their feelings for each other.

While acknowledging the discomfort some viewers may feel with the underage ecchi moments, it’s essential to appreciate the genuinely intimate and authentic moments that often get overshadowed. The Blu-ray quality enhances the viewing experience, and the dubbed version, featuring outstanding performances from AmaLee and newcomer Paul Dateh, adds a fresh layer to the narrative.

As for the limited edition extras, they may not be essential to the viewing experience, but they do add a touch of cosplay magic. The cosplay planner and advice in the art book strike the right balance between passion and practicality, offering valuable insights for both beginners and intermediate cosplayers. The art cards and sticker sheet may not steal the spotlight, but the overall package enhances the fan experience.

However, the limited edition set may not be a must-have for everyone. Streaming or a standard season set could suffice, especially considering the somewhat lackluster bonus features. The missing feature titled “Costume Play” adds a layer of mystery, but it doesn’t significantly impact the overall enjoyment.

In conclusion, “My Dress-Up Darling” remains a favorite rom-com, charming audiences with its heartwarming narrative and exploration of passion. Whether you opt for the limited edition or stick to streaming, the series promises a sweet and endearing journey into the world of love, friendship, and cosplay. 🌟👗💖

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