My New Boss Is Goofy: Review

Kentaro Momose, a resilient individual who endured the trials of a black company and emerged determined to rebuild his life. His journey takes a turn for the better when he lands a job at a new firm, one that caught his eye with its impressive advertising. Little does he know that this new chapter will not only heal his wounds but also introduce him to an unexpected ally in the form of his boss, Yusei Shirosaki.

Kentaro’s past experiences in a toxic work environment left scars, both mental and physical. The haunting memories of an abusive boss linger like shadows, threatening to overshadow his newfound opportunity. However, as he steps into his role under Yusei’s leadership, he quickly discovers that his new boss is a far cry from the tormentor of his past.

Yusei Shirosaki proves to be a beacon of support and understanding, a stark contrast to the oppressive figure from Momose’s past. As they join forces to craft compelling advertisements, a gradual transformation unfolds. Momose, once shrouded in pain and fear, begins to emerge from the shadows, finding solace in the collaborative and positive environment fostered by Yusei.

Their partnership transcends the typical employer-employee dynamic. Instead, they embark on a journey of creativity and camaraderie, determined to design the best ads possible. Through shared goals and genuine collaboration, Momose not only rediscovers his passion for advertising but also learns that work can be a source of fulfillment and growth.

The narrative weaves a tale of resilience, healing, and the power of positive workplace dynamics. Momose’s evolution mirrors the transformative impact of a supportive work environment, demonstrating that with the right people by your side, even the most daunting challenges can be overcome.

As Momose and Yusei navigate the intricacies of the advertising world, the story unfolds as a testament to the potential for healing and personal growth within the workplace. The series not only addresses the harsh realities of toxic work environments but also emphasizes the importance of fostering a culture of collaboration, empathy, and creativity.

In the end, Momose’s journey serves as an inspiring reminder that, even after enduring the darkest chapters of professional life, a brighter and more fulfilling future is possible when surrounded by the right colleagues and leaders. The story is a celebration of resilience, friendship, and the transformative power of a positive work environment. 🌟💼🤝


The series follows the journey of Momose, a young man who, after enduring the toxic environment of a black company, lands a job at a design firm that becomes a sanctuary for healing and growth.

Momose’s past experiences in a black company left him with mental scars and physical issues, creating a lingering fear as he steps into his new job. However, his fears are quickly dispelled when he encounters his new boss, Yusei Shirosaki – a character who embodies kindness, haplessness, and an endearing goofiness. Shirosaki becomes the source of support and reassurance that Momose desperately needs to heal from his traumatic past.

The dynamic between Momose and Shirosaki becomes a heartwarming focal point of the series. Shirosaki’s bumbling yet pure intentions create an atmosphere of joy and laughter, providing a stark contrast to Momose’s previous workplace horrors. The series delves into Momose’s journey of recovery, both mentally and physically, as he finds solace and healing in the positive work environment fostered by Shirosaki.

The show beautifully balances moments of humor, camaraderie, and genuine emotions. Shirosaki’s quirks, such as mistaking a plastic bag for a cat or accidentally buying Midol instead of Tums, add a layer of silliness that contributes to the overall lighthearted and feel-good atmosphere. His unintentional antics create laughter not at his expense but as a celebration of the happiness he brings to those around him.

Beyond the comedic elements, “My New Boss Is Goofy” addresses serious themes, such as workplace trauma, mental health, and the importance of supportive relationships. Momose’s panic attacks and physical pain serve as reminders of the real impact of toxic work environments, making his healing journey all the more poignant.

The inclusion of Hakutou, the rescued cat with abandonment issues, adds another layer to the narrative. The series treats Hakutou’s mental health seriously, reflecting the importance of understanding and compassion in dealing with trauma, even for non-human characters.

The show also explores the positive impact of relationships on mental well-being. Momose, Shirosaki, and even Hakutou find support and affirmation in each other, creating a supportive network that contributes to their individual healing journeys. Background characters react to Momose and Shirosaki’s relationship with empathy, showcasing the ripple effect of positivity within the workplace.

While linguistic nuances and puns may be lost in translation, the overall warmth and gentleness of “My New Boss Is Goofy” transcend language barriers. The series exudes a sense of iyashikei (healing) that can be felt even without understanding every linguistic detail. The animation may not always be top-tier, but the attention to detail in character interactions and background reactions adds depth to the storytelling.

In conclusion, “My New Boss Is Goofy” stands out as a heartwarming and uplifting slice-of-life series that addresses serious themes with a touch of humor and sincerity. The show’s genuine portrayal of healing, positive relationships, and the impact of a supportive work environment makes it a delightful and comforting watch, guaranteed to lift your spirits on a bad day. 🌟😊💼

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