The End of a Decade of Controversy, Attack on Titan

The monumental anime series finally comes to an end, and Eren’s fate is sealed. What made this ending so divisive, and what does it mean for all the characters? A decade later, we say goodbye to Attack on Titan.

The ending of “Attack on Titan” has been a subject of discussion and debate. When Isayama ended the manga back on 9th April 2021, it was an incredibly divisive finale, so much so that Isayama even had to put out a public statement in response to the fans’ passionate response on his Instagram.

However, Attack on Titan’s anime has finally come to a close, and it fixes one of the biggest problems with the manga’s ending. Among the many controversial points of chapter #139, one major problem was that Armin appeared to be okay with Eren’s actions to the point of thanking him for becoming a mass murderer, and that felt like the story was trying too hard to paint Eren as a hero.

Armin’s apparent approval of Eren’s actions was a major problem in Attack on Titan’s ending, but Attack on Titan: The Final Chapters Part 2 managed to fix it. Attack on Titan creator Hajime Isayama said that he had worked with the staff to make the finale a little different from the manga, and that came out mostly with how Armin’s treatment of Eren was handled.

The final episode concludes with a series of symbolic post-credits, all from the perspective of the tree on top of the hill. Mikasa visits Eren’s tombstone year after year, and we watch the city of Eldia evolve into a booming city! Despite Eren’s efforts, world peace never came true. The cycle of violence continues, war breaks out once again, and Eldia is eventually bombed to oblivion.

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