Top 4 Underrated Sitcoms You Absolutely Can’t Miss!

Mythic Quest: Chronicling the everyday lives of the employees of a fictional videogame studio responsible for a popular MMORPG, the series explores the behind-the-scenes misadventures that come with creating and expanding a videogame. With some truly hilarious moments, this show is a treat for anyone who plays video games and is looking for a sitcom that caters to gamers and people interested in the gaming industry.

Scrubs: While not necessarily underrated as it was quite popular in the 2000s, Scrubs definitely should come up in the conversation of “best sitcoms of all time” along with shows like The Office and Friends. This medical comedy-drama explores the lives of the doctors at Sacred Heart Hospital. Scrubs reinvigorated the scope of sitcoms, being one of the first to not be filmed in front of a studio audience or use a laugh track. This is a show that knows how to combine comedy with serious and dark moments, making it one of the most compelling character dramas in the realm of comedies.

What We Do in the Shadows: Imagine the Office, but with vampires. That is essentially what this show is at its core. Much like The Office, What We Do in the Shadows sees a documentary crew film the exploits of four vampires and their familiars and explore the underworld of supernatural beings. This is one of those sitcoms that is hilarious from the get-go, and the characters always find themselves in over-the-top situations. The show also has great visual effects and writing.

Kim’s Convenience: Kim’s Convenience is a quaint and heartwarming sitcom featuring the lives of a Korean immigrant family in Canada who runs a convenience store. The show starred Simu Liu before he rose to Shang Chi fame with the MCU. While mostly comedic, it does delve into some dramatic moments involving the family

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